Renewing a License

Expiration and Renewal Information

California landscape architect licenses must be renewed every two years.

Landscape architects may renew their license by:

Online License Renewal:

You may not complete the renewal payment process online if your license status is:

  • Delinquent beyond two renewal cycles (two years delinquent and two renewal fees due)
  • Revoked
  • Surrendered
  • Cancelled

Or if you:

  • Owe a fine
  • Request a Military Waiver (no fee)
  • Are Military Inactive Status (no fee)
  • Renew your license more than 90 days prior to its expiration date
  • Need changes to your name. Email the Landscape Architects Technical Committee at with verification of your name change (e.g. copy of marriage certificate, driver's license, or other court documents).


  • Completing a License Renewal Application;
  • Paying the license renewal fee; and
  • Mailing the signed original Renewal Application and fee to the Landscape Architects Technical Committee with a postmark on or before the license expiration date.

Renewing on time is critical. Renewal notices are sent to the licensee’s address of record approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date. If a licensee does not receive the renewal notice within 90 days of their license expiration date, they should contact the LATC. Licensees may renew by mailing a completed License Renewal Application (signed original), and a check for the appropriate renewal fee made payable to the Landscape Architects Technical Committee. Landscape Architects may not submit a Renewal Application and payment more than 90 days before their current license period ends.

Please allow up to four weeks for processing. The most frequent cause of delay in renewal processing is an incomplete Renewal Application. Be sure that the Renewal Application is complete and signed.

Licensees who have complied with the license renewal requirements (i.e., complete application, signature, correct fee, etc.) prior to its expiration may engage in legal practice of their profession until receipt of the renewed license if the delay was not the fault of the licensee (BPC section 121).

Note:This provision does not apply to delinquent or incomplete renewal applications.