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LATC Publications and Reports

2023 Sunset Review Report
2023 Sunset Review Report (PDF, 16M) (English ) | (Revision Date: )
Tags: Report, Sunset
2024 Final Issues
2024 Final Issues (PDF) (English)
Tags: Answers, Issues
2022–2024 Strategic Plan
2022–2024 Strategic Plan (PDF, 16M) (English ) | (Revision Date: )
Tags: Goals, Objectives, Plan, Strategic
Occupational Analysis Of The Landscape Architect Profession
Occupational Analysis Of The Landscape Architect Profession (PDF, 2.3M) (English ) | (Revision Date: )
Tags: Occupational, Analysis
Building Official Information Guide
Building Official Information Guide (PDF, 2.3M) (English ) | (Revision Date: )
Tags: Guide
Selecting a Landscape Architect for Private Development Projects
Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Landscape Architect (PDF, 5.3M) (English ) | (Revision Date: )
Tags: Consumers, Guide
Permitted Practices in California
Permitted Practices in California (PDF, 25K) (English ) | (Revision Date: )
Tags: Penalty, Unlicensed